About Sharon L Cohen

My name is Sharon L. Cohen, and I’m a published author and professional writer. Here’s why I decided to create this site.

Forty thousand years ago, prehistoric humans made handprints on cave walls. Personal and interpersonal communication was vital to people then. Personal and interpersonal communication is vital to people now. We haven’t changed since the beginning of humankind. The only thing that’s changed is the myriad of ways we communicate. Children still make handprints for their parents. Their parents express themselves through every means available from one-to-one conversations to large web conferences.

Communication was much easier in prehistoric times. Now, individuals and businesses are challenged to keep up with the latest communication “vehicles.” To meet your goals, you need to know which vehicle to use and how. You are bombarded with promises shouting, “Blogs are the answer to solid customer relationships.” “Make millions of sales with webinars.” “Use social media to make yourself known.”

Instead of using the word “communicate,” we use the word “Content.” Same thing. Content is how you communicate with others, be they friends, customers, vendors, would-be relationships… Right back to the handprints on the wall.

How does slccommunicator.com fit into this equation? Easy. I’m a communication specialist who’s lived the change from word processors to mobile apps. Be it the introduction of computerized graphic design, rise of the World Wide Web or proliferation of YouTube, the same thing occurred: The change came fast and furious. Some people jumped right into the technology. Most others became lost in all the information generated.

Information is rampant. But true communication—getting the message across in an easy-to-understand and effective way—is rare. I don’t promise the simplicity of handprints. But, I do promise a site that provides the basics on content, as well as case studies on how to use content, and a round up of information on the vehicles being utilized.