Newtown/Sandy Hook Tragedy Anniversary Increases PTSD Reactions

Newtown Lions Club Seeks Additional Funds for

Mental Health Services–Donate Now

Each person reacts differently to trauma. Some individuals immediately show trauma symptoms. Other people may not show any signs of trauma or start having symptoms weeks or even years after an event.  Many first responders, for example, suffered from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when the Sandy Hook shooting first occurred.  Some of these individuals have improved; others, unfortunately have not. In addition, the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy led to new cases of trauma in both adults and children. Certain triggers, perhaps the Christmas holidays or winter weather, caused nightmares, anxiety and depression in a number of people.

These individuals need to immediately see a mental health counselor; the longer they wait, the more pronounced the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can become.  In many cases, people do not have the insurance coverage to pay for this professional care.  The Newtown Lions Club has been raising funds to help traumatized individuals for the next decade.  Due to the increased demand for such mental health services, the fund is running low. Donations can be made through this website through the purchase of “Newtown: Moving Forward” or by going directly to the Newtown Lions Club website.